?Refugee is a Criminal

My name is Bsow Ibrahim and I am from the Nuba Mountains area in Sudan. I came to Israel two months ago and since then I have no place to stay, so I sleep at the park every night and I am waiting for people to come and give me a bit of food.

You may ask yourselves why I'm in this kind of situation. So unfortunately I don't have a place to stay or any money to buy a bit of food and above all, at this moment, I'm not working.

Bsow Ibrahim | Jan 2012

I'm writing this post to you because it's important for me that you'll know that I'm not waiting for somebody to help me. When I was in Sudan I had a house, a job and enough money to look after myself.
Now, I am forced to struggle with my situation at the worst conditions, after escaping from my country's government and I am trying to save my life.

Why? Because there is a war in the Nuba Mountain area. The government of Sudan broke the peace agreement and started murdering people who supported the rebels. They did not care if you are a civilian, political activist or a soldier and murdered everybody- even children!

About me, I was a rebel soldier for 3 years and haven't got murdered because when the war started I was not at Nuba Mountain anymore. At this period I was far from home, and my mother used to call me to say: "please my son, don't come home because I am afraid to get killed by the military of the government if you'll come". I decided to stay far away until the situation gets safer. I missed my family so much so I went back home to see them. I haven't seen them for 18 months until then! Luckily, at the day I came back home, the government's soldier who stopped me at the check point was an old friend of mine. He told me that it is too dangerous for me to stay there and that he will pick me up the next day so that I could escape from the town. I stayed with my family for only one night, then left to Khartoum to find a way to escape and save my life.

I neither have chosen to become a refugee, nor to be far away from my family. I escaped from my country, trying to get away from its problems, but now I have to face other problems. Not only that I have lost everything I had: living far away from home and family, sleeping on the street not knowing what tomorrow will bring, but now I'm also considered to be a criminal. A criminal, who committed the crime of being a refugee.  All I'm asking for is basic help: a safe place to stay until I can go back to my beloved country, to the green and lovely Nuba Mountains .

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  1. idid

    why did you come to Israel from Egypt?
    you want to take my money from my tax.
    go back to Egypt-we dont want to see your face here.

  2. דנה

    dear bsow,
    I think it's good that you are telling your story. most of the people in israel know about the refugees only from the media, and because the media reports about crimes that happen by refugees this is what people think
    but you should also know that alot of people want to help the refugees.
    i hope the situation will get better, and you will see your family soon. me and other people will try to make your situation in israel better in the mean time

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