"If you send us back to Darfur, the Sudanese will kill all of us" – Testimony of a Darfurian Refugee

 This moving post was written by Diri Abramson, an Asylum Seeker from Darfur living in Israel

My name is Diri Abramson.  I am from Darfur and I am 18 years old.   I began studying in an Israeli high school three years ago.

I understand many Israelis are  very  angry at the refugees  because  you are receiving hundreds  of people  across the border  every day,  and  you  don't  know where  these  people are coming  from.  It is true that this is a very complex situation.  But  I want  you to understand that  I came  from a very bad  situation  in  Darfur and  that the condition of the  Darfurians are  getting worse  and worse.  If  you  decide that you don’t want the Darfurian refugees to stay here  in  Israel,  then there  is  no other place for us to go.  If you send us back to Darfur, the Sudanese will kill all of  us.  They kill children who are just three months old and rape and kill our sisters.

When I was twelve years old, I watched my father die in front of me after the Janjaweed shot him.  After that, I had no idea where to go.  Fortunately I was able to cross the Egyptian border — where Egyptian soldiers shot me twice — and make it into Israel.  I was so lucky that the Israelis saved me and sent me to a high school in Rishon L’Tzion.  I will never forget what the Israeli people have done for me!

Right now,  I  don't  have  any communication with  my family   I don't even know if  they  are alive  or dead.  The  village that  I grew up in is destroyed, nobody  lives  there now I don't know  where  my  family is. The last time I spoke with my mother was in 2008.

I  want  to work  hard in a safe  place and finish  my education so I can help myself and my family and other Darfurians who are in the same situation as me.  My dream is to be a journalist so that I can tell our story to the world

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