ASSAF is non-for-profit organization, dedicated to the advocacy and protection of human and social rights of refugees and asylum seekers in Israel

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Advocating for life of dignity to all refugees and asylum seekers living in Israel, which includes: protection, social and economic rights, as well as access to services providing such rights, and statutory status

Company Overview

At the present time, there are approximately 60,000 refugees and asylum seekers residing in Israel. Most are survivors of the wars in southern Sudan and Darfur, and of the tyrannical regime in Eritrea. African Refugees began seeking a safe haven in Israel from brutalities and danger in their home in recent years. Despite Israel’s role as initiator and signatory of the 1951 United Nations Refugee Convention, Israel does not adhere to its regulations, meaning African refugees and asylum seekers in Israel have no official status.

ASSAF, The Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel, was established in 2007, in response to this sudden influx of thousands of African refugees. Initially, ASSAF provided emergency ‘life’ support and counseling services. However, through the work of dedicated staff and volunteers who comprise 90% of the ASSAF team, the organization quickly became a platform for the African refugee community in Israel. Today, the organization provides social services, long term support for refugees and many outreach programs including a youth center for unaccompanied minors. ASSAF provides firsthand support to those coming from the border or released from refugee detention centers. Additionally, the organization provides specific programming for the most vulnerable of the community including children, single parent families, children who made the journey to Israel without their parents, individuals who suffer from physical or mental illnesses.

ASSAF is also active in the political sphere, lobbying and raising public awareness throughout Israel and abroad. The Israeli government acknowledges that it is impossible to deport these asylum seekers to their own countries, yet does not grant them any legal status. They are then forced to wrestle life's difficulties without basic rights, including the right to work and social and medical services. Our core goal is to be the voice of the thousands of people that were persecuted in their own lands and are currently being abandoned by Israeli societyand The State of Israel.

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